About US


About us

This page is a part of Home Cockpit Builders Club on FB

This page is a marketplace under our “umbrella” where You buy directly from professional or private suppliers.

Please note: Each Supplier has it’s own terms and conditions. Check the tab under each product for suppliers terms and conditions.

Our team 

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support
    Espen Revheim
  • Asian market consultant

    Asian market consultant
    Thitari Settadasirikasem
  • Web / IT development

    Web / IT development
    Kaj Robert Eike
  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design
    Mariell Domke Revheim
  • Editor In Chief

    Editor In Chief
    Jessica Bannister-Pearce
  • Business Development

    Business Development
    Ogve Stangeland
  • Italian market consultant

    Italian market consultant
    Martina Zanusso

Duty phone

(+47) 98245538



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