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We offer you a complete web store solution, all you need is a PayPal account to be in business !


Why you should Join the Market place ?

Our Market Place is developed to be “THE ONE” platform to find all parts and information you need as a cockpit builder, with support from the biggest forum on Facebook. The platform is developed to make it easy, also for a private supplier to set up a store and get up and running as a business in minutes. This we belive will make it the place to go even for those hard to find parts. Professionals and private together will make this a big market. 

Our platform is made with the costumer in mind, this will benefit all suppliers as we strive to make this “The PLACE” to be. We have done it with our Facebook cockpit builders community group. We are the biggest in the world on Facebook and we will do it again on Web. 

 We have made the web, support and advertisement platform ALL IN ONE market place! This is totally new and developed by us as we did see the need in the community for this type of platform ( many web stores in the same market ) As each supplier can with easy set up, add products , set a stock , run offers and more like a independent store in the same platform. 




What do we offer you ?

This Market place is developed by simmers for simmers to make it easy to find parts for a builder, all under the same platform. At the same time make it easy for any supplier to meet a big marked, as efficient as possible. With you as a partner we will help you to set up a store in no time, as our system will have all you need to get started. We assist and monitor your store, and will help you to present your products in a nice way. We do provide costumer support almost 24/7, and we promote your products on our Facebook community group

( https://www.facebook.com/groups/Simgruppa/ ) .

This will give you better time to focus on production as a supplier, and we will provide your costumers with the help and services most suppliers can’t provide alone.


What type of sign up should you select ?

To make it simple we made two different sign up forms, one for private supplier and one for a professional company, for the simple reason that we will need additional info for a company. So our sign up form is adjusted to be as simple as possible, according to type. You can change type and info at any time after a sign up with our help. A login name and password is created with the sign up, so you will get instant access to your store system after a verification of your e-mail.


How do orders and payment’s work ?

Market place is made to be simple and function just the same way as it was your own web store. So we made it conduct transactions directly between your customer & you with PayPal. Each icon are therefor made to be each supplier’s own webstore under the H.C.B.C umbrella marketplace. Your Icon is autogenerated by the information in the sign up form. You can easy log in, add products/pictures and more just as your own store. Your Icon will show up as soon as your store have product ready to be sold in the system. The system will also notify you by e-mail of orders/ low stock ect. , and you can easy also keep track or edit status on your orders inside the system any time. Automatic backups every 12 our.We offer a complete web store solution. All you need is a PayPal account to be in business !.  



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